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Synthetic Girlfriend is a visual novel about  sentient androids and their rights, their ability to "feel" and how humans would possibly interact with them in the future. It also touches on topics like finding yourself, finding purpose in life and connecting with others.

Yuri is a 20 year old student currently going through his second year at the university. One day he's forced to apply for an internship on his father's company, Nagai Robotics.  Disappointed and dealing with parental pressure, he reluctantly accepts thinking nothing interesting would happen. However, on his first day on the job, while wandering through the facilities, Yuri stumbles upon an… artificial girl?

Clearly an android!
Human-machine hybrid!
Is she a human? Nope! Also an android.
Our geeky protagonist!
  • Animated sprites!
  • Puzzle minigames!
  • Existentialism!
  • Original Soundtrack!
  • OpenDyslexic support!
  • Over an hour of gameplay!


  • Dems: Character design. Art. Script. Coding. Planning. UI. Some music. And pretty much everything else because I'm a masochist frick.
  • Lezalith: Responsible for the puzzle minigame coding.
  • Facundo Cordara: Music guy.
  • Backgrounds by Uncle Mugen and several Pexels.com edited pictures.


  • Backgrounds might not match the description on the script. We're working on that.
  • There's a bug with the first "true" level of the minigame. The RPC System will tell you did good even if you get a failure. And you can't come back to try it again. Try saving the game when you get to that part if you want to beat that level legally!
  • Mr. Kumar doesn't have any animated sprites. Poor guy.
  • Probably something else that went over my head.


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SynthGF-0.1-linux.tar.bz2 110 MB
SynthGF-0.1-mac.zip 103 MB
SynthGF-0.1-pc.zip 121 MB
SynthGF-0.1-win.zip 104 MB

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i just finished the demo  looks great whenever it updates il look at it.     /It has to be one of my fav visual novel games iv played so far/

Thank you so much for taking your time to play my little game! I hope you enjoyed it a lot. The development is slow, mostly because I'm a student and work also takes time off my hands, but I'll turn it into a full game someday!

ay thats ok games dont get made in a day.  take your time :D

Can I draw for you for free by drawing I mean tracing and adding original content? my discor troler_noob#3088

Hello! At the moment I'm doing the whole art thing to keep it consistent. Sorry!